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Total Hydrographic are your certified Hydrographic Surveyors and Marine Mapping/GIS professionals.

Our Services

Hydrographic Survey, Under Keel Clearance, Hazard Detection, Scouring and Asset Inspection of Bridges

Bathymetric Surveys

Side Scan Sonar, Dredging, Hydrographic survey, Underwater Asset Inspections, Coastline and Waterline Capture

Side Scan Sonar Surveys

Hydrographic Data Analysis, Dredging, Hydrographic survey, Hydrographic Data Analysis, , Sediment Ingress and Egress Analysis, 3D Design for Dredging or Renourishment, Change in Seafloor Time Lapse

Hydrographic Data Analysis

Terrestrial Survey, Dredging, Hydrographic survey, RTK GNSS Profiles, Mobile Laser Scanning, Total Station/Levelling Run

Terrestrial Surveying

Hydrograhpic Survey, Dredging, Multi-beam survey, Dimensional Control Positioning (Static and dynamic), System Validations, MBES System Calibration, System Validation and Compliance Assessment, Surveying Service & Training

Hydrographic Consultancy

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We are a Melbourne based hydrographic surveying company. We have the qualifications, skills and experience to perform all your hydrography and cartography services within Australia and overseas. We understand that our client’s priorities will be to mitigate risk and deliver thier project efficiently, on time and on budget. As specialists in bathymetric survey we invest our knowledge, capabilities and technology into getting our client’s project completed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Do you think you have the skills and qualification to join our team and help deliver this? 

Our Mission

To be the best Hydrographic survey company in Melbourne.

Making an Impact

Company Culture

We are a small family-owned hydrographic survey business. All our staff are treated as our family.

Open Positions

We have the following positions open at this time!


Hydrographic Surveyor

A general week would see you out in the field (usually on a boat) 1-2 times a week with the remaining time spent in the office or working from home where possible.

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