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Total Hydrographic are your certified Hydrographic Surveyors and Marine Mapping/GIS professionals.

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Hydrographic Survey

Bathymetric Surveys

Side Scan Sonar, Dredging, Hydrographic survey

Side Scan Sonar Surveys

Side Scan Sonar, Dredging, Hydrographic survey, Hydrographic Data Analysis

Hydrographic Data Analysis

Terrestrial Survey, Dredging, Hydrographic survey,

Terrestrial Surveying

Hydrograhpic Survey, Dredging, Multi-beam survey

Hydrographic Consultancy

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3dUsernet Point cloud function provides an interactive view of the data collected. This program allows the client to look at the data firsthand and see where the hazards are located within the survey extents. This program has the capability for multiple datasets that can be captured later for comparison of the survey extents. With 3DUsernet you can interactively look at multiple years of dataset over the same area. 


Dam SBES bathymetry


Our plans of survey show georeferenced bathymetric contours overlain on an aerial image of the area. This is produced in a pdf format and each size is tailor made to each specific project. 

KMZ File

KMZ files contain geospatial information that can be viewed in GIS programs such as Google Earth. This is easy to interact and navigate around. 


Hydrography is the science of measuring and describing physical features within water bodies. Hydrography is used for navigation, habitat mapping and hazard identification. 


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