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Total Hydrographic are your certified Hydrographic Surveyors and Marine Mapping/GIS professionals.

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Side Scan Sonar Surveys

Side Scan Sonar, Dredging, Hydrographic survey, Hydrographic Data Analysis

Hydrographic Data Analysis

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About Total Hydrographic

Total Hydrographic are your certified Hydrographic Surveyors, Marine Mappers and GIS professionals. Established in 2015 we have built strong relationships with our clients through supplying precise and reliable survey data. Our reputation of being dependable and consistent surveyors in the Hydrographic Survey industry is built from a team that has specialised training in the understanding of data acquisition and interpretation.

With all our projects at Total Hydrographic being overseen by an in house Certified Professional Hydrographic Surveyor, we aim to keep data integrity and professionalism at the heart of our product. We understand that client priorities are to mitigate risk and deliver projects on time and in budget. As specialists in Hydrography we invest our knowledge, capabilities and technology into getting your project completed in the most efficient and cost effective manner, while allowing you to gain a better understanding of the environment you are working in.

We are ready to lend our expertise gained from many years performing a myriad of jobs for clients across different industries. No matter your location we have the capacity to come to you

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Our Values


The marine environment can be a high-risk space to work in, with hazards presented from man-made or natural sources. Our surveyors are all mariners with AMSA registered Coxswains certificates, and promote safe working practices on the water as a top priority. Safety equipment is continually updated and maintained to provide a safe working environment for all.


We work with clients to build lasting relationships, through listening to their aims and objectives. We focus our survey planning, acquisition, and deliverables to achieve the vision of the client.

Working with Industry (SSSI)

We actively seek continued professional development, through working with partners across the industry. As a member of the SSSI and being Certified Professional Hydrographic Surveyors, we are able to stay up to date and relevant with the advances in state of the art technology. We can provide highly developed technical skills to use specialist equipment that allows for precise positioning and data acquisition in the marine environment.


With working in an industry that is so diverse we aim to provide a tailor made service to the client. Variations in the project locality, survey extents and required objectives and deliverables means that we do not supply a one size fits all survey. Our teams skills, and variety of in house survey equipment and vessels means we can offer specialised one of a kind surveys to our clients.

Team Working Environment

Total Hydrographic’s team work as a compact and compatible crew, that helps create a framework for a coherent and well supported working environment. Our team aims for long term success that is facilitated from a supportive working network. 

Smart Decision Making

Our expertise and accreditations within the industry allow us to promote efficient working practices for different Hydrographic needs. These working practices let us make smart decisions and come up with innovative solutions to achieve accurate data collection and interpretation. 

Hydrography is the science of measuring and describing physical features within water bodies. Hydrography is used for navigation, habitat mapping and hazard identification. 


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