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Side Scan Sonar, Dredging, Hydrographic survey

Side Scan Sonar Surveys

Side Scan Sonar, Dredging, Hydrographic survey, Hydrographic Data Analysis

Hydrographic Data Analysis

Terrestrial Survey, Dredging, Hydrographic survey,

Terrestrial Surveying

Hydrograhpic Survey, Dredging, Multi-beam survey

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Hydrographic Survey, Hazard Detection and Debris Clearance, Side Scan Sonars, Multibeam Echo Sounders (MBES)

Under Keel Clearance Survey case study

Under keel clearance in ports and harbours can be a costly and dangerous hazard if not effectively managed. With the risk of vessel’s running aground on the ocean floor, authorities typically keep on top of this by gathering bathymetric data to help make informed decisions in the management of their waters.

Reservoir Survey, 3D model of the reservoir, estimate of sediments

Hazard Detection & Debris Clearance

Total Hydrographic were approached with a brief to map over 35km of Inland River Waterways. The council were after survey data that could help provide them with a clear understanding of the bathymetry and the location of hazards and debris that could be a problem for recreational boating.

Beach re-nourishment, Channel design, Dredging

3D Channel Design

The objectives of the survey was to provide full bathymetric survey and provide a volume assessment for the renourishment site to meet the 3D design model. The data that we provided allowed the client to make an informed decision, based on quantitative and visual data presentation, as to the best mode of practice for dredging and renourishment operations.

Reservoir Survey, 3D model of the reservoir, estimate of sediments

Reservoir Study

In a drought prone country like Australia, where millions of people rely on the country’s many reservoirs for a safe and dependable water supply – efficient, forward thinking and strategically planned reservoir management is crucial. The risk involved in reservoir management can be mitigated with quick access to relevant and accurate data.

High Res images from the survey conducted on Lake

Underwater Inspection Survey

Total Hydrographic specialises in underwater survey and scanning and can utilise a variety of survey sensors to capture relevant data for clients. The Kongsberg MS1000 Mechanical Scanning Sonar used by Total Hydrographic is an example of a system that is ideal for inspecting underwater structures.

A Rockwall

                                                              The results from a rock wall scanning project were processed and thoroughly analysed. The scan was undertaken to validate that the rock wall had been accurately constructed as per its design. Cross Section Profiles were extracted from this data and can be seen in the images.

Submerged Trees

This image is an extract from a hazard clearance survey of a lake. The client needed to know that there was a minimum clearance depth of water available at particular water levels. There were many hazards on the lake bed, however the survey revealed that they were all deeper than the client’s required minimum depth.

Harbour Dredging, dredging services

Harbour Dredging

A corner stone of Total Hydrographic’s operations is to provide underwater survey solutions that can help Port and Harbour Authorities determine an appropriate dredging solution for their waterways. Dredging solutions often takes place because of sedimentation gradually encroaching in navigable waterways, and or when Port and Harbour authorities look to expanding their operations. 

Compliance Chart

Compliance Chart

In a port environment declared channel depths take utmost importance. Quite often a port will focus their attention on whether their channel is as deep as the depth it is declared. Here we can assist by streamlining our results. A Compliance Chart provides a clean interpretation of whether depths are compliant or non-compliant.
Multibeam survey

Yacht Club Survey

Multibeam survey data can be presented in many ways. 3D contours are often a great way of presenting what is happening on the seabed. This Yacht Club survey not only reveals the depths but also the old pier alignment and extensive aquatic vegetation in the southern shallows.


Habitat Mapping

This is an example of a habitat mapping project carried out by Total Hydrographic. An MBES survey was undertaken and then several outputs were delivered to the client. The information clearly reveals the location of the reef outcrop to the north and then the sandy bottom to the south. The backscatter highlights the variations in the seabed within the sand area outside of the reef.

Hydrography is the science of measuring and describing physical features within water bodies. Hydrography is used for navigation, habitat mapping and hazard identification. 


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