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We deliver custom solutions based on the marine projects working alongside project managers, engineers, dredge operators, and port authorities. Our hydrographic surveying solutions are based on a wide range of specialised technologies and expertise to offer data that is usable and reliable. Clients who work with us receive timely, usable, and easy-to-understand data.

Why Choose Us

Hydrographic survey safety, dredging safety


Our hydrographic surveyors are all mariners with AMSA registered Coxswains certificates. We promote safe working practices on the water as a top priority as well as providing quality hydrographic survey data.

Dredging decision making, Hazard detection

Smart Decision Making

Our expertise and accreditations within the hydrographic industry allow us to promote efficient working practices for different hydrographic needs.

Partnership, Debris Clearance, Under Keel Clearance


We work with clients to build lasting relationships, through listening to their aims and objectives. We focus our hydrographic survey planning, data acquisition, and  data deliverables to achieve the vision of the client.

Flexibility Hydrographic survey, dredging surveys, Under Keel Clearance survey


Every hydrographic project is different and our hydrographic surveys cater to all needs. Working in an industry that is so diverse we provide a tailored service to all our clients.

Sign of being certified by the SSSI Institute

AHSCP Certified

Total Hydrographic are certified by the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel, which is jointly sponsored by Survey + Spatial New Zealand.

Team work to get your Hydrographic survey completed

Team Working Environment

Total Hydrographic’s team, work as a compact and compatible crew, that helps create a framework for a coherent and well supported working environment.

Part of a nationally recognised group of professionals within the hydrographic survey industry

Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute Members

The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) is Australia’s peak body representing the interestes of surveying and spatial science professionals.

The Australasian Hydrographic Society is the South West Pacific and South East Asian regional focus for those interested in hydrography and related sciences.

Australasian Hydrographic Society Members

The Australasian Hydrographic Society is the South West Pacific and South East Asia’s regional hydrographic survey body whose focus is in providing data for those interested in hydrography and related sciences.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Australian Maritime Safety Authority Compliant

As Australia’s national regulatory body, they promote the saftey and protection of our marine environment, combat ship-sourced pollution and provide infrastructure for safety of navigation in Australian waters.

Hydrographic survey company Specialising in Bathymetric & Dredging Surveys

Total Hydrographic’s highly specialised services support the safety of navigation for both Australian and International clients, including Offshore Oil & Gas Companies, Coastal Engineers and Port Authorities. Our clients make fundamental decisions based on the accuracy of our product.

We are a Melbourne based hydrographic surveying company specialising in bathymetric & dredging survey.  Whilst we are Victorian based we regularly work throughout Australia and have the capacity to travel internationally.

Our quarterly email update is full of relevant and easily accessible information to ensure you stay informed.

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“A Word From our Director”

“A hydrographic survey can determine a minimum depth, under keel clearance, 3D bottom model, capacities and a host of other information. To ensure there are no dangers to navigation, it is important that mariners know precise water depths. We can determine the arrangement of sea floor assets for anchoring, dredging, construction and fisheries habitat. We utilise the latest advanced techniques and equipment to enable precise marine mapping. Total Hydrographics’ marine mapping & GIS services ensure you to get the most out of your investment.

Our clients receive a final product which is clean, efficient and accurately presented.”

Client Testimonials

“ By utilising the technology Total Hydrographic has on offer we were able to visually review the underwater surface to a greater level to what we have been able to do previously.

We were also able to utilise the surface models to gain a greater understanding of the condition of the reservoir to assist in efficient operation.“ 

Heath McMahon

Geospatial, Asset Data and Survey Services Team Leader, Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water logo

We are very satisfied with the quality of product received which addressed all required components of our scope of works. Total Hydrographic met our expectations on this project. I was very satisfied with both the response times and quality of content. Both Tim and Paul answered or responded by phone or email rapidly and chased up further information quickly when requested. We appreciate the very quick turnaround period from securing Total Hydrographic for the job to completion of the report prior to dates outlined in the request for quote.”

Ben Doolan

Senior Fisheries Management Officer, NSW Department of Primary Industry NSW Fisheries

NSW Primary Industries fisheries logo

 “AECOM Environmental have worked with Total Hydrographic on a recent project in Victoria.  I was very satisfied with the quality of their work.  Tim and Paul both provided quick and comprehensive responses to all questions and requests for modifications to documentation or scope. It was a great service all round and i would employ their services again in the future.  They more than met our expectations and there was nothing that they could have done better.  Definitely recommend – 5/5”

Robert Crowe

Senior Environmental Scientist, AECOM Environmental

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Who We are

Hydrographic Surveys are designed to determine what lies beneath the water’s surface. Hydrographic surveys are also invaluable for protecting the environment and managing it effectively. Hydrographic surveys are used for more than just recreational boating and tourism. In addition to modeling tsunami inundation, they are used to manage coastal zones. Using the info gained from a hydro survey, the area is shaped and dredged. Various events can cause abrupt changes to the submerged area. A hydrographic survey provides valuable information that is used to create topographic maps. This map can be utilized for navigation, drilling, or dredging.

What we do

As part of Total Hydrographics’ Bathymetric Survey System, we employ a range of tools to provide reliable and usable data. There are several tools available

  • Multi-beam enables optimal postprocessing, exceptional mapping, and more dense data.
  • Shallow water areas may be better served by single-beam data.
  • Using Side Scan Sonar (SSS) allows you to examine large areas of water for hazards and features that protrude from the seabed.
  • Our terrestrial survey options complement your hydrographic survey needs so that you have a seamless model.

In recent years, the focus has shifted from collecting data to analysing it, which makes it necessary for qualified hydrographic data scientists to step in.

Our capabilities

Hydrographic surveys can be challenging. Total Hydrographic takes the challenge on head-on. In addition to providing our clients with 100% reliable data, we are committed to the highest levels of quality in all we do.

We can provide you with a cost-effective and accurate hydrographic survey, no matter what your industry or needs are. We have the qualifications, the experience, the skills, and the advanced equipment to ensure your hydrographic survey is completed on time and within your budget.

Hydrography is the science of measuring and describing physical features within water bodies. Hydrography is used for navigation, habitat mapping and hazard identification.



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